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The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is a regional grouping with 15 Member States in West Africa (three landlocked and one island) with a population of about 300million and an annual economic growth rate of around 6%. The ECOWAS Commission is one of the eight Regional Economic Communities supporting the African Union to coordinate the implementation of continental and regional integration and development programmes in the West African region.
The ECOWAS Commission invites Consultants (firms specialized in Air-transport sector) to submit their candidacy for the services described below:

Job Title: Consultant – Feasibility Study on Establishment of a Regional Aircraft Leasing Company
Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Key Objectives
The key objectives of the study are to:

  • Explore means and options for creating an efficient company that would strengthen and sustain the development of a viable airline industry in West Afriäa;
  • Support the development and establishment of an Aircraft Leasing Company within West Africa in order to provide cost-efficient leasing services to the airline industry in the region and Africa in general;
  • Improve the poor safety standards and safety records of African airline operators through the introduction of a highly professional and modern aircraft leasing facility.


  • 3. The overall duration of the study is estimated at seventeen (17) weeks.

Job Description

  • The ECOWAS Commission intends to use part of its fund to finance the service contracts of Consultants responsible for conducting feasibility study on establishment of a regional aircraft leasing company

Interested eligible and qualified consultants must provide information on their qualifications and experience, demonstrating that they are qualified to provide similar services.

The criteria for preparing the shortlist are:

  • General experience of the firm in Air-Transports Sector over the past ten (10) years;
  • Specific experience of the firm in Air-Transports Sector (studies; Aircraft Leasing) conducted over the past ten (10) years (at least two similar assignment);
  • Have an average annual turnover in the last three (03) years (2013; 2014 and 2015) of at least Five hundred thousand US Dollars (US$ 500,000) as confirmed by audited financial statements.
  • Please note that each reference will be summarized on a project sheet, and will be considered only if the candidate attaches supporting documents indicating the contact information of the contracting authorities so as to facilitate verification of the information provided: Excerpts of contract (inner cover page and page with the signatures) plus Attestation of good performance.
  • Interested Consultants may wish to apply as a consortium to enhance their profile and chance of being qualified
  • Working experience in at least 2 ECOWAS countries in past 10 years;
  • Availability of key staff (list, qualifications, and experience);
  • Capacity to produce reports and all other relevant documents on the study in English and French;

Eligibility Criteria, Preparation of Shortlist, and Selection Procedure

  • The eligibility criteria, the preparation of shortlist, and the selection procedure shall comply with the ECOWAS Rules and Procedures for the Use of Consultants” (ECOWAS Tender Code), available on its website: www.ecowasint
  • Also, the firms that are part of an international network are to submit one expression of interest.
  • The attention of interested Consultants is drawn to Article 87 of the ECOWAS Tender Code (“lnfringements by Candidates, Bidders and Awardees”), setting forth corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for or executing a contract.
  • In addition, please refer to the following specific information on conflict of interest related to this assignment as per Article 17. (h) of the ECOWAS Tender Code.
  • The selection procedure will be based on Quality and Cost Based Selection Method (QCBS), and a shortlist of six (6) firms which present the best profiles shall be drawn up after the expression of interest.


  • Please note that electronic submissions are not accepted and will therefore not be considered.
  • The working languages shall be English and French.

How to Apply
Expressions of interest must be delivered in sealed envelope (1 signed Original and 3 Copies) and clearly marked “Recruitment of a Consultancy Firm for the Feasibility Study on Establishment of a Regional Aircraft Leasing Company”- (Please do not open except in presence of the Procurement Committee to the address below):

For delivery in person or by registered mail to:
Office of the Commissioner, General,
Administration & Conference,
Fifth (5th) Floor of the ECOWAS Commission Headquarters,
Plot 101,Yakubu Gowon Crescent,
Asokoro District,
Abuja – Nigeria.

Interested consultants can obtain further information at the email addresses mentioned below during working hours: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm (local time) on working days: procurement@ecowas.intwith copy to: ,
Application Deadline: 11.00 a.m (GMT+1) Thursday: 6th July, 2017.

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