58 Job Opoortunities At Landmark University

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Landmark University is a private University in Nigeria. As an apex educational institution, it is focused on teaching, learning, research, and community service by promoting a lasting culture of excellence for the advancement of humanity. The campus is IT – driven, which empowers every focused academic towards achieving a fulfilled career experience.
Applications are Invited from qualified candidates to fill the following positions:

1 Professor Civil Engineering 31/Mar/2017
2 Associate Professor Civil Engineering 31/Mar/2017
3 Senior Lecturer Civil Engineering 31/Mar/2017
4 Lecturer I Civil Engineering 31/Mar/2017
5 Lecturer II Civil Engineering 31/Mar/2017
6 Professor Electrical and Information Engineering 31/Mar/2017
7 Associate Professor Electrical and Information Engineering 31/Mar/2017
8 Senior Lecturer Electrical and Information Engineering 31/Mar/2017
9 Lecturer I Electrical and Information Engineering 31/Mar/2017
10 Lecturer II Electrical and Information Engineering 31/Mar/2017
11 Professor Chemical Engineering 31/Mar/2017
12 Associate Professor Chemical Engineering 31/Mar/2017
13 Senior Lecturer Chemical Engineering 31/Mar/2017
14 Lecturer I Chemical Engineering 31/Mar/2017
15 Lecturer II Chemical Engineering 31/Mar/2017
16 Professor Mechanical Engineering 31/Mar/2017
17 Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering 31/Mar/2017
18 Senior Lecturer Mechanical Engineering 31/Mar/2017
19 Lecturer I Mechanical Engineering 31/Mar/2017
20 Lecturer II Mechanical Engineering 31/Mar/2017
21 Professor Accounting 31/Mar/2017
22 Associate Professor Accounting 31/Mar/2017
23 Senior Lecturer Accounting 31/Mar/2017
24 Lecturer I Accounting 31/Mar/2017
25 Lecturer II Accounting 31/Mar/2017
26 Professor Banking and Finance 31/Mar/2017
27 Associate Professor Banking and Finance 31/Mar/2017
28 Senior Lecturer Banking and Finance 31/Mar/2017
29 Lecturer I Banking and Finance 31/Mar/2017
30 Lecturer II Banking and Finance 31/Mar/2017
31 Professor Business Administration 31/Mar/2017
32 Associate Professor Business Administration 31/Mar/2017
33 Senior Lecturer Business Administration 31/Mar/2017
34 Lecturer I Business Administration 31/Mar/2017
35 Lecturer II Business Administration 31/Mar/2017
36 Professor Political Science 31/Mar/2017
37 Associate Professor Political Science 31/Mar/2017
38 Senior Lecturer Political Science 31/Mar/2017
39 Lecturer I Political Science 31/Mar/2017
40 Lecturer II Political Science 31/Mar/2017
41 Professor International Relations 31/Mar/2017
42 Associate Professor International Relations 31/Mar/2017
43 Senior Lecturer International Relations 31/Mar/2017
44 Lecturer I International Relations 31/Mar/2017
45 Lecturer II International Relations 31/Mar/2017
46 E-Learning Administrator 15/Mar/2017
47 Web Developer/Programmer 15/Mar/2017
48 Computer Operator 15/Mar/2017
49 Telecom Technician 15/Mar/2017
50 Laboratory Technologist Civil Engineering 31/Mar/2017
51 Laboratory Technologist Electrical and Information Engineering 31/Mar/2017
52 Laboratory Technologist Mechanical Engineering 31/Mar/2017
53 Purchasing Officer 31/Mar/2017
54 Brand Manager 31/Mar/2017
55 Counsellor 31/Mar/2017
56 Administrative Officer I 31/Mar/2017
57 Business Development Manager 31/Mar/2017
58 Guest House Manager 31/Mar/2017

Application Closing Date
31st March, 2017.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified candidates should submit Ten (10) copies of their applications and detailed Curriculum Vitae (stating their names; dates of birth; state of origin/nationality; marital status etc.)

Section (a) Personal Data
Name (surname first)
Date of birth
Local govt. Area
State of origin
Marital status
Number of children
Contact address
Residential address
Telephone number
E-mail address
Present position
Current salary
Post applied for
Section (b) Educational History
Institutions attended with dates
Academic and professional qualifications
Teaching experience:
Academic rank held
Academic position held
Course taught
Honours, scholarship, fellowships and prizes/awards
Statement of personal research focus and institutional academic development plan
Publication and journals (international/local)
Contribution to book (international/local)
Manuscript submitted for publication
Unpublished conferences/workshop paper and public lectures
Conferences attended
B.Sc/M.Sc/Ph.D supervision
Academic linkages
Membership or learning societies and professional bodiesNames and addresses of three (3) Referees (at least one of whom must, where appropriate, be the Head of the applicant’s current place of employment); and 2 of 3 referees should make specific statements on the competence base of the candidate’s research and academic pedigree.
Three (3) set of credentials.
Applications should be submitted either directly to the Registrar’s Office or by postage in a sealed envelope indicating “Vacancies for Academic Staff” at the top left corner of the envelop. Please note that former applicants need to update their application in line with the above. In addition, candidates should CLICK HERE. https://vacancy.lmu.edu.ng/display/home to complete the application form online.

The sealed envelope should be sent to:
The Registrar,
Landmark University,
1001, Omu Aran,
Kwara State,

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