5 Common Mistakes To Avoid During An Interview

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Writing applications for jobs seems stressful? Wait until you are to be interviewed, it can be a lot more demanding. The anxiety can make you feel a little more stressed out.

With the introduction of video conferencing, interviews are now taking new shapes. They are commonly done through the internet i.e. online and in a matter of few minutes, so you have to get it right in other to secure your dream job.

Below are five things you should not do when in an interview, be it Panel, Phone, Face-to-face, Video or group interview:

· Don’t rush while speaking or interrupt the interviewer

You definitely won’t want the interviewer to have a feeling that you have something else to do better than the interview. You won’t also want to interrupt the interviewer while speaking, give a space of 2 to 3 seconds before replying to the interviewer.

· Don’t tell a lie

If you tell a lie, you would always have to cover-up for the lie told which would not be good for you because you never know if the interviewer would find out the truth. You won’t want the interviewer to find you as a dishonest individual and end up not giving you the job or referring you to another company that might need your service.

· Don’t badmouth a previous employer

Have it in mind that most employers in your field are always related, someone-knows-someone-that-knows-someone. Badmouthing your previous employer might make you look good to yourself but would send a bad signal to the interviewer that you would also badmouth his/her organization later on.

· Don’t make it boring

Having prepared for the interview, you should not answer question like you crammed the answer, you are not a robot. Enjoy yourself answer the question in a manner that would be interesting to the interviewer. I am sure we all love interesting conversations so does the interviewer too. Don’t be boring, make it lively.

· Don’t waste their time

You should not make it difficult for the interviewer to discover that you are a perfect fit for their organization. Don’t waste their time; tell them want they want to hear. Promote yourself right in front them, you might never have the opportunity to express your true potential. Take hold of the moment, let them know what you are made of.

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